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First Thoughts Review: Hearts And Horizons - Mal MacWatt

The first of the four stories told on Hearts and Horizons EP painted such a vivid picture in my head that I felt like I was actually there on the sidelines. It builds slightly giving a feeling of desperation and despair.

I think this is the most "country" country EP I have heard in a long time. The storytelling is second to none. Four songs taking you on an emotional journey through grief, obsession, loneliness and endurance.

Top notch musicianship throughout. Beautiful banjo picking, sultry dobro tones and piano all compliment each other perfectly.

I cannot recommend 'Hearts And Horizons' strongly enough. Its a must have EP.

It launches on Bandcamp, Spotify and all the major digital platforms on April 4th 2020. It is also available as a limited run CD.

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