First Thoughts Review: Gary Quinn releases 'Nobody Somebody'

As a a 6-time British CMA Awards winner and sharing the stage with the likes of William Michael Morgan, Mo Pitney and Kristian Bush, Gary Quinn is an established artist within the UK Country music scene who continues to gather critical acclaim and increase his fanbase, both in the UK and abroad.

Despite the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 has still been a hugely productive year. Gary was lucky enough to perform at Country 2 Country, Berlin just before the international lockdown in March and following this, has continued to gain traction in the European market with a stunning cover of 'O Holy Night', a duet with Swedish artist Sophie Hanson.

The brand new single 'Nobody Somebody' was co-written with Kyle Schlienger (‘In Case You Didn’t Know’ – Brett Young) and John Gurney (NSAI Song Contest Winner, 2018).

The main highlight when first listening to this track, is the polished modern production and accompanying instrumentation which blend to create an extremely well-balanced modern country track that fits with the American market but includes just enough of Gary's Irish heritage and UK influences.

Lyrically, the song showcases the realness and authenticity of traditional country music. From the writers perspective, the lyrical content is incredibly relatable & throughout the song, showcases that moment where you realise you being yourself and having that person in your life that gives you all hope and love is enough. It isn't fortune and fame that make you feel complete and worthy, but the right people in life. For each listener, this will be someone different - a family member, a close friend, a husband or wife, but that's all that matters!

In a world that is full of uncertain, it is songs like these that can help you find a positive outlook!

'Nobody Somebody' is the opening release of a three-single project that will be delivered through the first few months of 2021. Debuting at #1 in the UK Country iTunes Chart, Gary couldn't have really asked for a better start to the campaign and I for one, am excited to see where this project takes the talented songwriter and his music!

Listen here:

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