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First Thoughts Review: 'Freedom' by Tommy Atkins

First recorded in 1984 'Freedom' was a massive hit for pop duo Wham, and I never in a million years thought of it becoming a country song but, hey presto, here it is as just that. It's writer George Michael is considered to be one of the worlds greatest songwriters of all time.

The tempo has been slowed ever so slightly, fiddle has been added. Gone is the disco feel and some beautiful guitar picking and pedal steel has replaced it making it feel as if 'Freedom' should always have been set in this genre. Tommy Atkins vocal oozes country to tie it all in together.

This cover feels so credible that it could be a hit again with a totally new audience. I absolutely love it. Even hard core George Michael fans will take notice of this version.

'Freedom' is available on all digital platforms now. You definitely need this song in your music library.

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