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First Thoughts Review: 'Dream Big' by Georgia Barker

'Dream Big' is the debut single from UK Country singer/songwriter Georgia Barker. It builds slightly into the first verse starting with lone piano then introducing LapSteel guitar with the most beautiful tone to it. Georgia's innocent vocal finally makes an entrance and brings this song together. She is remembering the advice her parents gave her about life and realising they were always there for her. It needs no percussion, the simplicity of the production makes 'Dream Big' totally beautiful. The guitar solo compliments the songs arrangement perfectly. Not too much to overpower it and not too understated.

Released on 21st February you will definitely want to add this one to your music library.

Written by Georgia Barker

Produced by Tommy Taylor

Session players will Watson guitars

Alexander Magraw piano

Tommy Taylor Guitars

Recorded at Crooked Room Studios

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