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First Thoughts Review: 'Chase Wild Horses' by Kerry Fearon

***Kerry Fearon Set to Release New Single June 26th***

‘Chase Wild Horses’ was originally written and recorded by Kim Richey but as soon as Kerry heard the song she fell in love with it and was determined to record it adding her own stamp on it in the process.

‘Chase Wild Horses’ sets off at a foot tapping pace from the start which feels like those wild horses are running. Both pedal steel and guitar introduce the listener to this song. Drums follow almost immediately and then Kerry's perfectly suited, softly sung vocal. The guitar used has a great tone that you really pick up on during a stunning guitar solo. During the second verse a fiddle is introduced which just enhances the instrumentation that little bit more.

I can actually visualise these horses running across the prairie but that is not what the song is about. Its about not liking the person that you were and that you have made positive changes to your lifestyle to leave the old you behind, and although you sometimes find it hard not to slip back into your old habits, you are trying hard to stay on the straight and narrow. The wild horses signify how your old life was running away with you, and how you felt, that you were losing control.

I really like this song. Add it to your music library. Kerry’s brand new single ‘Chase Wild Horses’ will be available to download/stream across all usual platforms on June 26th.

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