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First Thoughts Review: 'Break The Silence' An album by Two Ways Home

Encompassing a range of genre influences from folk to rock to pop into their musical stories, and blending them with sublime harmonies and dynamic guitar riffs, Two Ways Home have written a stunning album in 'Break The Silence'.

'Speed Of Anything' and 'Break The Silence' showcase their voices individually as Isi and Lewis seem to be having a musical conversation with each other. Outstanding musicianship is evident throughout. The songs are catchy and have that feelgood feel that really hits the spot.

I also love the beautifully haunting 'Nostalgia' which is one of only two ballads on the album.

'Break The Silence' is available now on all download and streaming sites.

Two Ways Home also host 'The Round Up at The Colonel Fawcett in London, so if you want to see Isi and Lewis performing live, here is a link to find out all the Round Up info:-

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