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First Thoughts Review: Becky Lawrence releases 'It's Christmas'

Becky Lawrence was raised on the Isle of Man and now lives in Wiltshire on the UK mainland. She has a background in musical

theatre and was cast as ‘Kim’ in the European Premiere of Miss Saigon on the Isle of Man, before training in London at the

London School of Musical Theatre. Whilst there, Becky was drawn to the storytelling in country music, and the great artists such as Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire, whom she cites as her biggest influences. She discovered that country music seemed to encompass more passion, and her own lyrics just seemed to just fit the genre.

After the release of her EP 'What It Takes' in 2017, Becky has released 'Now' and 'Wasted on You' as well as the hit single 'Empty Friendships' which was written, recorded and produced whilst in lockdown. Becky has also collaborated with Electronic artist Antony Cull to release ‘Find Your Fortune’. Following Becky's announcement as a finalist for Artist of the Year at the UK Country Music Awards, her summer 2020 single ‘You Say’ hit #1 in the iTunes Country Music chart.

Topping off a fantastic year for the singer-songwriter, Becky has announced her final release of the year, 'It's Christmas'. Co-written by Becky and her mother, Julia Skillan, the track is intended to be a feel-good reminder that, despite the chaos of this year, love remains abundant.

The track begins with the melody of 'Jingle Belles' and traditional country music instrumentation, before launching into a fun-filled, jolly track that will get you in the mood for a Country Christmas. The lyrical content brings a warm touch of love and family, which is incredibly fitting with the fact that Becky wrote this with her mother - a wonderful sentiment for such a family-focused time of year. This is really bought home with the collaborative, choir-like choral ending!

"There's love out there & enough to share" is probably one of the lyrics that sticks out to me - let's making loving others one of our focuses as we go into this Christmas season!

The single is available to pre-order and pre-save now via the link below:

Release Date: Friday 27th November

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Mar 18, 2021

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