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First Thoughts Review: Beautiful Mess By Stuart Landon & The Angels With Dirty Faces

'Beautiful Mess' opens with an energetic drum beat that puts me in mind of 80's Two-Tone SKA music and the songs instrumental section re-enforces that feeling for me. The banjo picking somehow keeps it undeniably country though. Then there's Stuarts stunning vocals telling you the story of finding someone and realising very quickly, that you are falling for them hook, line and sinker.

Another great song from the Landon songbook.

'Beautiful Mess' is due for release on Monday 16th March.

It is available to pre order on iTunes now.

And get your tickets to the gig here:

If you are attending C2C Country To Country at The O2 in London this weekend you can see the very first exclusive live performance of the single on...

Friday 13th March at 2pm on The Big Entrance Stage


Saturday 14th March at 3pm on the ICON Stage.

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