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First Thoughts Review: 'Battle Of The Bands' by Alan Finlan feat. Emma Jade

'Battle of the Bands' is a duet I never thought would happen. I first met Alan Finlan and Emma Jade at Fort San Antone in 2014. I have always known Emma as an artist but not Alan. He had to be encouraged and coaxed by a lot of his country friends, us included, to take up the British country music artist mantra. I am so glad he is now bringing us his 3rd single.

'Battle Of The Bands' has been on a bit of a musical journey too. Written by Stephen Manley in 2018, different parts of the song were recorded down on the south coast, across the water in Nashville and also Liverpool. Its a beautiful ballad with pedal steel and acoustic guitar picking. Subtle electric guitar is introduced half way through and momentarily takes the lead but percussion is not heard. Its not needed.

The duet tells of how a couple are both reflecting on their relationship and likening it to a battle of the bands. It has a melancholy feel and is my favourite Alan Finlan song to date.

'Battle Of The Bands' will be released on all digital platforms on 3rd April.

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