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First Thoughts Review: Backwoods Creek 'Coulda Been You'

If you have seen these boys perform live, and I have been lucky enough to have caught a show on many occassions, you will probably know that Backwoods Creek are one of the tightest bands you will ever have the pleasure of listening too. You will also probably recognise 'Coulda Been You' as they have been playing it live for a while now. I am very glad that they have now decided to release it as a single.

Jamie on vocals has one of those voices. Just a hint of gruffness and deep deep deep. Yannick and Deans guitar riffs shine through and totally reflect the high class musicianship that this band possess. I also love how the tempo of the song cheekily changes half way through then bounces back again to that real toe tapping beat.

Released on 31st January on all digital platforms you need to add this song to your music library today.

Coulda Been You (Lyric Video)

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