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First Thoughts Review: 'Another Shade Of Smith And Brewer' by Smith & Brewer

Ben Smith and Jimmy Brewer are well known on the British country/Americana scene for their intricate guitar picking. The album 'Another Shade Of Smith And Brewer' is a collection of their favourite songs recorded in a friends barn in January 2018. They just pressed record and played together and I think it is a stunning piece of art.

Blending folk, roots, blues and Americana with a dash of good old country storytelling to create their own unique sound, this acoustic album takes the listener on a musical journey.

Their harmonies are also quite reminiscent of 60's legends Simon & Garfunkel so 'Another Shade Of Smith And Brewer' ticks all the boxes for me.

It was released 1st November 2019 on all digital platforms and it would certainly enhance any music library.

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