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First Thoughts Review: '4am' by Deeanne Dexeter

This could be the shortest review of Deeanne Dexeters second solo single ever. I can sum '4am' up in one very short word. 'WOW'.

'4am' gradually builds with the introduction of each instrument separately. Starting off with lone guitar and Deeanne's vocal and bringing in some subtle percussion and keys on the first chorus. It is then that a second guitar enters this gorgeous musical arrangement. The percussion and keys become more pronounced and '4am' really builds in intensity during the second verse.

Having one of the most stunning voices on the UK country scene, Dee totally goes it alone with vocals. You can hear the raw emotion in her voice throughout. There are no harmonies. It is very much a case of less is more. No harmonies are needed and her diction is crystal clear making it very easy for the listener to relate to the songs narrative.

Its about a relationship that is on the cusp of breaking down. She is telling him that its the simple things in a relationship that she looks forward too. Seeing the light on as she gets home from work, talking about every little detail of the day together even if it is '4am' in the morning, but she realises that's is not enough for him. The light has gone out of his eyes, but she did give him time to see if the simple things would make him happy too. But if they are through she will get used to that too.

The most beautiful song I have heard this year and the second of Deeanne Dexeters 2 solo singles to be picked up for a first radio play by Whispering Bob Harris on Radio 2 which just gives you an indication of how good this song is. I am so excited to hear what is coming up next for Deeanne. I think there is a very bright future ahead for her and I wouldn't be at all surprised if she breaks through and lands herself a record deal.

‘4am’ will be released on the 17th July on all digital platforms.

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