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EP Review Emilia Quinn - Firecracker

Emilia Quinn is an Americana/Alt. country singer-songwriter based in Leeds. With her first full band EP showcasing her whole other side. I have only caught her live once in real life and she was outstanding with a real stage presence!

Ready Right Now kicks off with an incredibly catchy solo guitar riff before dropping in a second guitar building up Emilia's incredible outlaw country vocals. She then kicks in with some excellent rock vocal runs, before being joined by just a kick drum backing up that astonishing guitar riff, with the small break down of just Emilia's vocals backed by just kick drum and short sharp guitar strums before the full band joins in the phrase "Read to right now ringing through and through" the whole time still building before a stunning drop out of just her outstanding vocals backed by just a short sharp burst of the band, to give the vocals a remarkable presence laced with an excellent guitar solo.

After just the first track, you know this going to be one incredible EP, and I'm defiantly ready to find out and right now.

Nothing To Lose kicks off with just as excellent but straightforward, strummed guitar riff with Emilia's vocals taking the lead, building the sound with the second guitar joining in to showcase her outstanding vocal range before being accompanied by the full band. With an excellent blues backing, Emilia showcases her incredible vocal range ending this part of the song with a superb, faultlessly timed solo, concluding with just Emilia and simple backing of snare and hi-hats, before building up again with some vocal runs from Emilia with that outstanding blues riff running throughout before concluding with an incredibly long and outstanding vocal run from her to finish this track. Nothing To lose, which I am certainly not losing anything on track two of the EP. I am gripped for the third track, Drunk!

Drunk hits you straight in, with the full band for a short burst and Emilia's vocal kicking in with a small breakdown of just drums and snare and some outstandingly subtle pedal steel, which just brings this whole track together before we are treated to a short section of just her vocals. With the full band kicking shortly after with some excellent harmonies running through the track, building the whole time and concluding with another breakdown of just Emilia's vocals backed by the drums and percussion once again, with more of that outstanding pedal steel riff with the full band coming in once again with more backing harmonies. Emilia showcases her varied vocal styles with some more exceptional vocal runs before a big break down of just her vocals and a kick drum, before it all comes crashing back in with more of those magical backing harmonies. Emilia takes charge with leading vocals busting out. She is definitely not drunk in this track.

Outlaw, the final track of this outstanding EP, kicks off with heavy strummed guitar riff, with Emilia's vocal joining shortly after. The whole time the guitar riff is building in the background with the drums coming on, with the lead vocals and singalong moment of this track "Outlaw outlaw take me by the hand, show me who's the baddest bitch in the land." The snare kicks in to build this track up even further, before we are treated to short electric guitar solo before we enter the break down of her vocal. Simple band backing and bass shoot straight though it with more of those excellent harmonies which work perfectly, with Emilia's vocals taking the lead, before we move on to a super electric guitar solo, crashing into the perfect live singalong moment "Outlaw outlaw take me by the hand," with the vocals in this section accompanied by fans with just the vocals and snare, creating an epic moment before once again being joined by a short, but perfect band moment bringing more outstanding harmonies that work so incredibly well with her powerhouse vocals.

Firecracker is an outstanding EP with most of it produced and recorded in lockdown. It showcases her full band sound with the first track pulling you in making you listen to the whole EP from start to finish. Kicking of with Ready Right Now and continuing all the way to the full-on, singalong, outstanding track which is Outlaw. Her powerhouse vocals and range subtle but incredible with pedal steel parts especially at the beginning and thought Drunk. This EP is a sure-fire hit every single piece of each song working and fitting perfectly together. I'm looking forward to the next EP or Album! 12 tracks of this heaven would be outstanding.

Emilia Quinn - Firecracker Out Friday the 24th July 2020

Emilia Quinn



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