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EP Review: Country Backroads by Recovering Satellites

Recovering Satellites are a five-piece country rock band from County Somerset. A love of American Country, Folk and Americana with a blend of British rock/pop influences is evident in the sound they have crafted; soulful lyrics sit alongside carefully picked guitar and lilting pedal steel chords that at once root the band in their South-West home whilst conjuring an unmistakable stateside-sound.

The debut EP 'Country Backroads' was released in December 2020 and scored an impressive #4 in the UK Country iTunes Album Chart. The band state that the songs are populated with people and places near and dear to the group, lending them an authenticity that still delivers that country-americana sound.

The opening track 'You Want It We've Got It' is a rock-fueled foot stomper. With heavy guitars and a punchy drum beat, this is one that would definitely be high up on a festival set list. Followed by 'Mi Alma' which was recently aired on Country Hits UK, this song displays a more traditional Americana sound. From the writers perspective, the lyrical content speaks of alcohol not being able to solve all your situations and that two wrongs most certainly don't make a right. Guard your heart and know that something in the moment isn't necessarily the best thing for you. The instrumentation is rather haunting in it's nature and brings out the emotion of the lyrical content.

The third track, 'I'm Home' is a gentle acoustic number with a low ambience from the pedal steel guitar. Definitely a favourite, this is the strongest on the EP lyrically and instrumentally - the instrumentation is delicate and moves fluidly with the storytelling of feeling home with that special person. It is a song is incredibly effective, emotive and relatable - the beautiful essence of a true country song. The fourth track 'Footprints of a Ghost' brings the tempo of the EP back up, beginning with a guitar groove that immediately perks the ears. The track speaks of losing someone close and the rollercoaster of emotions that coincide with this experience.

The final track 'The Fair' is a brilliant track to end the EP. It brings together aspects of the other four tracks, from the acoustic introduction, to the heavy drums, funky guitars and rocky choruses. 'I don't want to be anybody other than me' brings a sense of positivity and love to the track, delivering the level of authenticity that the band pride themselves on. Keep your eyes out for this band - there is definitely more to come!

Songs by Kerri Newell and Rich Baker. Recorded at The Fitzhead Inn and Oakapple Studios, engineered and produced by Rich Baker, mastered by Steve Kitch.

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