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EP Review - Charlotte Young - Coffee & Conversations

Charlotte Young an Award Winning artist at the UKCMSA awards 2021 as best newcomer with her second outstanding EP Coffee & Conversations and one artist I am yet to see in real life

Remedy kicking straight in with that perfect full band sound for a few bars with complete pedal steel drums, snare bass all in that more traditional country sound with some superb pedal steel playing in the next section with excellent slides and flows Complemented with some perfect piano playing incredible vocal drifts from Charlotte extended at the key moments to end each verse and chorus section, toward the end of the track there is a vocal movement that is absolutely outstanding which leads into an electric guitar solo before back into that excellent full band traditional sound before fading away to end

On The Loose Starts with the crackly vinyl, sound before popping for a brief vocoder section before it comes crashing in with the full smashing band sound featuring pianos drums and superb bassline backing and some perfectly timed pedal steel guitar leading up to super vocal tricks you would find in a genuine traditional country track all backed by that sweet band sound drums and authentic traditional piano sound and perfectly placed pedal steel and guitar parts moving on to the Leading on to a neat section with an excellent guitar solo and small ooo before Charlotte vocals come in to sing out the for the final moments of the track with an excellent vocal sequence finishing with the track fading out

Praying for rain is the more chilled out track from the EP kicking off with Rain sound kicking in with some serious emotive piano chords rising with charlotte's vocals complemented by perfection vocal sequences with the pedal steel sliding in to match all the long and short runs backed by the full band leading up to an outstanding electric solo section moving to the tender but incredible vocal break down of simply charlottes vocals and simple playing before the whole stunning sound kicks in for a few bars before a gentle fade out

Early Light kicks straight in with the band with more of that perfection pedal steel playing complemented to the max with the full kit backing drums, hats, snare and some superb electric slide with hints and of a piano with some more motive chords and outstanding slender pedal steel parts, charlottes vocals rising the whole time in perfect harmony with the track leading to a stunning vocal run section with vocal run after vocal run short but sweet and then a huge one to end before back to the track “ Early Light “ the phrase with 3 different vocal sequences in this one breathtaking section leading in the main track again for a few verses complemented but that full band with sublime pedal steel parts leading in emotive piano chords more short but sweet vocal sections leading up to the outstanding vocal directions on “early Light “ straight into another vocal string “Down in Flames” brief but excellent, with the band never leaving but giving the build-up effect finishing off with a slow fade-out

Whiplash Acoustic, not just an acoustic version it is a full-on acoustic version with full production but appropriate percussion and drums with the electric guitar solo parts that we are used to in the track replaced with some excellent acoustic guitar playing and all-so for the rising parts that complement her vocals bring you in and out of the track, replaced with incredible acoustic parts it is like someone is playing slide on an acoustic guitar what a way to round off an excellent EP

Coffee and Convocations, a stunning all-round Ep with truly incredible vocals runs that perfectly match the parts of the track, and every movement in which the same lyric is mentioned given its own vocal style, wow it is the same trick that Adele, from Adele and Andy pulls off, this EP is a full-on traditional sound with some outstanding pedal steel parts listening to the short plucks and extended slides with electric guitar solos at the perfect moments and emotive piano chords to give this EP full depth and feel

Coffee & Conversations

Release: Monday 5th April

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