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EP Review: 'Band of Outsiders' by Elliott Joseph

Elliott Joseph is a songwriter & musician who speaks from the heart on travel, friendships and the adventures of life with a musicality that hales from the roots of the Celtic Folk Rock from England & Ireland and the Country Rock from the USA. With his 5-piece band, Joseph's presence creates an energy that flows from the stage as performers and audience alike go on a captivating journey, led by foot stomping country guitar licks, soaring Irish fiddle melodies, and soulful rock vocals.

Elliott's brand new EP 'Band of Outsiders' begins with a song called 'Lions'. The song starts with a catchy drum beat and tambourine before adding in melodic instrumentation and vocals. The wonderful thing about Elliott’s music is his ability to create unique, energetic music that you know will come across impeccably during a live performance. ‘Lions’ encourages the listener to think about all the past situations that have led to a particular moment in time that has bought them closer to their dreams…’like the tide that comes and goes…we only get one song so let’s all sing to the rhythm of the heart’. The middle 8 has a great Celtic-rock feel which fiddle and electric guitar before leading into an A Capella section and souring into an anthemic final chorus and outro. A brilliant song to begin the EP.

'Gimme Some Soul' is exactly what it says on the tin. A catchy, soul-filled track that will definitely get you moving. I love the melodic walk from the end of the verse into a powerful chorus & the way that Elliott challenges his vocal range. The guitar solo accompanied by the fiddle which goes into an A Capella chorus provides a brilliant middle 8. I can't describe this song in words, it's just really really good.

The third song on the EP is the single 'While We're Young', the review of which you can find here:

'Afterglow' is a much slower song compared to the others on the EP and has a real authentic country sound. The instrumentation is simplistic, yet angelic & powerful. I don’t know where the lyrical content of the song comes from but listening to it on multiple occasions made me feel that there must be a deep connection with the meaning of this song. Very different to most of Elliott’s music but beautifully translated. This one is definitely competing for top spot off the EP.

'Brothers' is one of the most up tempo tracks from the EP with a fast-paced, foot tapping groove & plenty of Ooh’s to sing along to. The song speaks of sharing troubles and forgetting fears; focuses on the most important things in life which is sharing precious moments with family and friends, building each other up – those that we call our ‘Brothers’.

'Dancing We Will Go' is an absolutely wonderful track to finish the EP. It circles back to the Celtic roots of Elliott's music - an authentic lyrical content and an uplifting song that will fill you with encouragement and positivity.

I genuinely believe this is one of the best all-round EP's to be released this year. Every single song is unique but has perfectly thought out lyrical content, instrumentation and production. I don’t know one other artist on the UK Country Scene that sounds the way Elliott does. The EP 'Band of Outsiders' is released on Friday August 23rd.

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