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Elaine Lennon Album Launch Glasgow

A lot of people say its hard to review a friend, but Elaine’s album launch hasn’t given me that feeling. I’m going to give you a brief introduction to how I came to know her before I speak about the gig

Roughly 18 months to 2 years ago I first met this lovely lady when I was attending a gig in Glasgow with friends. None of us knew at the time she had such a hidden talent.

This lovely bubbly curly haired lady just stood along with the rest of us and enjoyed the gig we were attending, and I was lucky enough to be introduced to her by friends that knew her. After several times of meeting at gigs we were to discover that Elaine was in fact a very talented song writer and myself and another friend were sent a sound cloud file with a few songs on it, to say I was impressed is an understatement so I was happy along with others no doubt to give her that encouragement to get out there and perform.

Thankfully the album launch was the outcome of her very hard and stressful journey but boy I hope it’s a journey that Elaine has bravely taken along with support of family and friends.

The launch night proved to be a sell out at The Glad Café, a place that I think Elaine can call her musical home. The support act was James Edwyn who was flying solo for the night and he gave the crowd a very lovely set of songs, some of which he usually does with his full band James Edwyn and The Borrowed Band. Playing the acoustic guitar and having a great night James proved to be a very admirable support before he joined Elaine on stage for her set. She was also accompanied by Findlay Napier (album producer also) on guitars and Ian Sloan on steel and electric guitar.

The 11 track album is mostly made up of Elaine’s own tracks, one of which includes the original old music of her uncle who had sadly passed away before Elaine was born but the track has been digitally remastered with scratches included to give a very authentic old school smoky piano bar feel to it to which she has added words.

There is also a cover of Patsy Clines “She’s Got You” but done with Elaine’s own beautiful interpretation. There is also a track she thought she was writing for her 2 boys, but she describes it as more of her own feelings.

Having heard Elaine on numerous occasions now on her own it was strange to see her with a band, but the sound was brilliant. No drums or beat box in view either there didn’t seem a need but what I can say is that the inclusion of 2 or sometimes 3 guitars and a steel guitar has made this a fantastic gig and also a very good album.

Elaine ended the night with her very emotional song “By Your Side” wow it’s a tearjerker having followed her through her 1st gig to now, so much so that she daren’t look at her mum or myself when she sings it so she can keep composed.

I just want to add in conclusion my thanks to Elaine for her kind words later but there was no way I was going to miss out on your night to remember.

I can't recommend this album highly enough

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