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News Craig Gould's set to release debut single - "Ain't No Place To Hide" in September

Craig Gould's set to release debut single



Craig Gould is an artist that had the pleasure of hosting on-line and seeing in real life a few weeks ago what a voice and presence

I had a quick listen before posting the release info below but not nearly enough time to write a full on review that this release deserves check back in a week or so for full in-depth review

its an excellent track!

September 15th 2021 will see the release of Craig Gould's debut single "Ain't No Place To Hide" - a spellbinding and virtuous Folk/Americana anthem that is guaranteed to have you singing along! Lyrically challenging societies acceptance with the status quo, "Ain't No Place To Hide" is an inspirationally rich and distinct singalong tale that will leave you with your fist in the air and a tear in your eye.

Joined by the wonderful & celebrated artist Anna Corcoran on piano (AMAUK Instrumentalist of the year 2020, Robert Vincent, Laura Marling), with backing vocals from the talented Chris Baldwin (Riding The Low, Tyrannosaur Film ) and the beautifully haunting voice of Adriana Spina, Craig's timeless songwriting effortlessly combines with contemporary musicianship thanks to the exemplary production skills of Miles Myerscough-Harris (Under The Apple Tree Studios). "Ain't No Place To Hide" provides a thought provoking experience, inspiring us all to "Educate our minds, as there ain't no place to hide..." All of the profits from this release will be donated to CALM - Campaign Against Living Miserably, a charity that Craig is very proud to be working in partnership with. The song will be available in digital format for streaming and purchase from all reputable online music sources from 15.09.21

The single "Ain't No Place To Hide" is taken from the debut album of the same name, which will be released in Spring 2022 as part of Craig's groundbreaking musical project which aims to inspire considered and compassionate understanding around mental health illness in the UK.

You can learn more about the project by clicking here

Check back in week or so for the full single review by my self her on FBC

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