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Chromedomes Lockdown Lookback #9

Updated: May 26, 2020

Hello, here we go again with my weekly lookback over some of the livestream gigs that we have been lucky to have seen this week from our great artists both from home and overseas.

My week of watching started with the young lady that has really taken the Uks scene by storm @Megan Louise. There will be more about Megan later in the lookback, but she is continually striving to better her equipment to add to her already great streams. For someone who has really been thrown into the full time music business due to her education being halted prematurely she is doing very well.

The Rising continue to produce a fantastic performance and an added extra to this week’s stream was the appearance of their favourite troll who seems to be a little bit jealous of their success. Sometimes I just love the way that people deal with these trolls and to me it only heightens the support others give to the artists. Chris and Chantelle are not scared to try most songs and Chantelle’s adlib songs in between the scheduled ones show off her musical talent to perfection. Nashville Meets London had a stream from Jade and Luke and again this comedic pairing combined with the wonderful music and musicianship produced a great stream. The evening of streams ended for me gave another fantastic set with her own tracks and a few covers.

Tuesday had me jumping on and off different streams to try and give support to as many acts as possible, starting with Adriana Spina who was Live In The Living Room, Adriana has a lovely voice and it just melts with some of her ballads. A lady I haven’t seen a lot of, but I still admire is Lauren Housley. Ags Connolly always shows why he is a regular on the music scene in the UK when doing his livestreams. One of my fellow Scots who always proves to be a great entertainer Robyn Taylor had her usual Tuesday stream where in her own description performed songs from the Album Launch that never was. The album mentioned is called The Way I Wanna Be which is available from her website. Sarabeth and Glen Mitchell always give us a great stream and as usual kept going for almost 2 hours taking care of all the requests sent in. Both Sarabeth and Glen have an amazing back catalogue of music from solo careers and also as Royal South.

Wednesday saw some more great streams with Samantha Lloyd (more to come on this lady shortly) and Two Ways Home, a great duo who also give us their beer of the week. Georgia Barker saw her streaming on the SW20 Sounds of Nashville platform, and I was liking the music I heard from her. American band Lockeland hopped on the livestream train and came up with some great music. My lasting memory of Lockeland comes from last years Millport festival when on the Saturday night at the acoustic jam our very own Stevie O’Connor had them dancing on stage much to their surprise and laughter. Elaine Lennon has changed the format of her Wednesday nights stream and is now including a chat with other songwriters and performers and this week along with her own song included a song and chat with BBC Radio Scotland Songwriter Of The Year Mike McKenzie.

Thursday saw the usual fantastic set from Jade and Mr What Key is it in Luke Thomas. Jade is another who isn’t in the slightest scared to try her hand at many requests and try new songs at very short notice and has to keep Luke in check with his cheeky comments. American artist Kenny Foster has a remarkable voice and gives his all during his sets. I also watched a took in the weekly livestream which is a little different from the usual streams which had Sarah Evans and her daughter Olivia doing a chat like session called Closet Chaos where she was speaking to the producer of her new album Copy That.

Barefaced Friday started my days watching with host Emilia Quinn along with Poppy Fardell and John W Doyle doing the usual in the round session and this is a format that I certainly enjoy. Later in the afternoon Scott Ashworth hit the screens with his great mix of songs both from his own repertoire and covers. My heart went out to Samantha Lloyd as she let us know the terrible decision taken by Facebook about her ban for breaching their code of conduct but thankfully she still managed to perform thanks to others allowing her to use their platforms. Kezia Gill again produced her usual first-class performance and after her wee video sketch at the start of the show concentrated on music she has seen performed and performed herself at music festivals. At one point the emotions were on the verge of breaking when Kezia gave us a performance of the song she had written for her dad and it is the first time she has sang this since his sad passing.

Now where do I start about Saturday when festival fever hit my screen with the Buckle and Boots virtual festival. 37 acts each having 3 songs, either livestreaming through the B&B platform or via Gary Quinn. Regrettably due to some tech issues some of the content was a bit patchy but nevertheless the whole day was tremendous. This virtual festival I am sure took tremendous effort from the team to organise and credit must go them all especially the host for the day Gary Quinn. Music came from artists all over the globe and was interspersed with interviews with the Hancock family and from other festival organisers and snippets from past festivals and credits to the photographers from previous events.

One particular act that took my attention was South African Roan Ash. I am not going to list every artist on the bill but there were many stand out acts. Emma Moore is always one of my favourites and the remarkable voice of Deeanne Dexeter just blew me away. Sophie Hanson from Sweden was another who doesn’t appear in my lookbacks often, so I have decided to give her and Richard a mention. Again, the little bundle of fun Megan Louise had us laughing at her chat during her stream. The event ended with a great set of songs from a man who has taken the UK festival scene by storm William Michael Morgan who was given an extended time to close out the night. Congratulations again must go to the whole Buckle and Boots team for a brilliant day.

After the festival ended I had the chance to jump across and watch a stream from The Opry Circle which honoured the military and Memorial Day with a tremendous show from Kellie Pickler, Craig Morgan and Steven Curtis Chapman and the songs from Craig in particular were very emotional. During the evening I popped across to watch our Scottish songstress Katee Kross and Ross for their weekly livestream. It had proved to be a stressful day for Katee but she coped admirably and delivered her usual great performance even having Ross de-tune her guitar when she wasn't looking.

Sunday saw the lovely Laura Oakes with her weekly stream paying homage to Dolly Parton and certainly did great credit to Dolly’s songs. My only other stream that I watched was watching to me another not to be missed artist Megan Louise. Her performance on Lock Down Buddies was again a brilliant set and she is certainly fast developing a big following from the viewers to that platform up here. Megan is such a hilarious and bubbly character and as with many others is not afraid to take on new songs which she doesn’t usually do, and she carries this out with great ease. Trying out new equipment on this stream and with a few tweaks applied Megan was superb as usual.

As I end this for another week, I will add my usual comment. Until next week Stay Safe and Stay Well.

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