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Well hello for another week of looking back over my livestream viewing. This week has been a lot quieter for me, and my viewing and I think after 23 weeks and with things opening up slightly, I think I might reduce the frequency of the Lookbacks. Hopefully, the artists that I have been seeing on a regular basis are going to be able to return to performing on a regular basis on the live venue scene.

Last weeks viewing was restricted mainly from Monday to Friday as I had other commitments this weekend.

Monday started with the regular stream from The Rising and their normal mix of great music and banter playing a lot of their own music. This was the first of 2 streams they were doing on Monday night as they also had a slot on Destination Country. Included in their usual stream was a great cover of Stand By Me. The Destination Country stream also included tracks from Laura Oakes, Harleymoon Kemp, Backwoods Creek, Remember Monday and Emma and Jolie.

Tuesday night saw The Adelaides come along with a brilliant stream featuring their tremendous harmonies and it was great to see them perform again. The 3 girls are an absolute bundle of fun and it shone through on this set when they ended up in stitches during one of their songs. This really was a tonic to watch and there is always space for a little fun, especially in these crazy times. SaraBeth and Glen were in their usual jovial form on their regular Tuesday Tunesday stream and as always, we got a perfect mix of originals from SaraBeth, Glen and Royal South along with the obligatory covers. Late evening viewing was again from America with a due that I have really enjoyed during the time I’ve known of them, Dixie Jade are fast becoming a very much listened to act on my playlists.

Alan West kicked off Wednesday night with his mix of old-style country and as always, the beer tree was in operation to help keep Alans vocal chords lubricated when required. The older style of music always takes me back to the early years of my country music listening days and there is usually a track or two that have slipped my memory and are always great to revisit. Elaine Lennon had her weekly Homebird sessions and her guest this week was American singer songwriter Jesse Terry. Jesse has toured across here on many occasions and has written many brilliant songs for some great artists. One of the songs I especially like is Stormchaser which is also performed by Sarah Darling, the difference between the way they both sing this is not massive, but each version is lovely. As normal we were treated to a song from Elaine as well.

Thursday can be classed as Jade night and although she was missing for a week, we certainly missed the banter between Jade and Luke. The usual mix of originals old and new, covers and craic from these two are always top notch. Southern Halo popped up on the Country Sway platform but unfortunately Tinka was unwell and couldn’t perform and it was down to Natalia to do the stream on her own. Although it was strange, she was absolutely fantastic on her own. The Adelaides did another stream this time via Buckle and Boots and again they were just brilliant and as I said already their harmonies are just lovely, when they performed Sanctuary, I had Goosebumps. The girls are so funny when a small blip has them hiding their faces from each other so they can stay professional and keep going. Jessica Lynn had a late evening stream where once again she was dynamic taking requests many of the songs she has never tried before but was always willing to try. Each time she does a stream like this the fans spring some cracking songs on her.

Friday evening is my not to miss night with the incredible Kezia Gill and this week’s stream was a fantastic night with her family round to join in. A big shout has to go out to Kezias sister Rosie, who said she isn’t a singer but by goodness either on her own or singing with Kezia she was a joy to hear as well. This week was another trip down memory lane for Kezia and the family which also brought out a lot of memories of their dad over the years and on their travels. As anyone who watches this stream regularly will know that as its called Pour Me A Strong One Sessions there is usually some type of alcohol involved and it was funny to see Mum Gill neck a shot of some sort and as a virtually non drinker it was funny to see her reaction but credit to her she went and finished the rest of the glass.

Now as I said at the start, I had not managed to catch any streams on Saturday and Sunday so I will end this week’s ramblings here. Again, as I mentioned at the start next week there probably won’t be an update but if I can I will still be watching as many streams as I can to support everyone. So, until the next time take care and keep safe.

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