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Chromedomes Lockdown Lookback #8

Week 8 has come and gone and here we are again and I’m again looking back at the superb livestreams we have had throughout the week.

The Rising have moved their livestream to a Monday night as it was the quietest night of the week, but I think a few other platforms have made the same decision. Chris Logan and Chantelle McAteer have a great set up and there is certainly a great rapport between them with the way they seem to wind each other up between songs. Their mix of originals and covers are great as they try their best to fulfil people’s requests.

Belles and Gals via DC Brown - Live UK Country Videographer had a show featuring Emilia Quinn, Becky Lawrence, Shannon Hynes, Poppy Fardell, Louise Parker and Harriet Rose. This was a great mix of music.

Hope it's Country had Danny McMahon up next and during the time he was on served up a great selection of both his own music and covers from other artists. He highlighted the serious conditions that mental health issues create for many and is portrayed well in the words of his own song “Boys Cry Too”. Continuing on that subject after having just read a post on Facebook it has been brought to my attention that this week 18th – 24th May is Mental Health Awareness Week and this is a very easy condition to mask but to any of my Country Music friends that suffer please IF you need someone to talk to if I can help by listening to you I’m here for you. Scott Ashworth is another artist appearing on Tuesday and always gives a great account of himself with his livestreams of originals and covers.

Ags Connolly was one of many artists to appear and as there were so many streams on at the same time, I only managed to catch snippets of his stream but what I did catch was very entertaining. Robyn Taylor hit the screens again and gave us a fantastic stream with her 1980s mix of songs.

What I saw on Wednesday made it appear to me it was Ladies day, first with the bubbly character that is Samantha Lloyd. Later, we had another very bubbly lady from Scotland Elaine Lennon Music. .Elaine has been working very hard in her home studio to make technology work and it did exactly that as she managed to produce some great tracks on the night incorporating music on her pc to add to her keyboard and vocals. It was also the night for my 1st look of the week at some of the American acts that I follow, and as usual Jessica Lynn was outstanding as were SaraBeth Swagerty and Glen Mitchell.

Moving on to Thursday we had a few livestreams to celebrate the upcoming 4th birthday of a venture I’m very happy to be associated with Forever British Country. FBC was the brainchild of Ian and Keren Morrall with Anthony Alker and is a platform that has expanded over time and on many media outlets to help promote what is the great UK Country scene in many ways, gig reviews, music reviews, gig photography along with artist directories and has grown and added a few more people to help do this all over the country. Artists featured on the night were Malcolm MacWatt, Sam Coe, Emily Lockett,,Sandy McLelland and Cinder Hill and Kerri Newell from Recovering Satellites all of whom were great. Jessica Lynn did a spot on the Buckle & Boots Country Festival platform as she normally does, she mixed up old and new tracks during her set. Just before we hit the front doors to give our applause to the brilliant and deserving NHS staff the Thursday stalwarts of lockdown Maggie Jade and Luke Thomas kept us going for an hour. We are loving the banter between the two of them between songs and I’m also enjoying the BBQ tips Luke has been giving us.

Another young lady who has a regular slot on a Friday is Emilia Quinn who again had a strong line-up for her Bare Faced Fridays gig with Becky Lawrence and a new name for me Freddy Champ. I’m liking all these new acts and broadening my knowledge of the scene south of the border. Craig Campbell slotted into the Buckle and Boots platform and showed why he is fast becoming a regular on the festival circuit when he heads across here.

My Fridays would not be the same without the morning antics and video from Kezia Gill before she takes centre stage on Friday night. I say it every week and will continue to for as long as Kezia dishes out the performances she has been doing. She is brilliant and this week we had almost 2 hours of fantastic music. A couple of Americans also appeared on my radar again with the lovely Lauren Alaina who spends a tremendous part of this lockdown period doing interviews and singing on many radio stations and social media streams. Brandy Clark also hit the guitar and kept us going for a while with some brilliant cover versions.

Laura Oakes certainly got my Saturday listening off to a great start with her gig featuring the music of Randy Newman, Laura is another act that to me deserves a bigger audience and this weekend I think I managed to convince a few more to look her up.Katee Kross and Ross David Barron again served up their great show and are certainly a staple of the lockdown streams with their own style of originals and covers. Katee and Ross have also taken up a slot on Camglen Radio on a Sunday night. Gary Quinn again was rousing a great audience on Lock down buddies with his lively show and the north is noticing the top class music that the UK country scene is providing. Others I saw on Saturday were Katy Hurt and Samantha Lloyd with great music displayed. The Opry Circle was the venue for a fantastic show featuring Keith Urban,Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans introduced by Bobby Bones Show. I hadn’t really listened to Morgan very much before, but I was certainly impressed by this display.

Sunday features included streams from Emma Jade then Lars Pluto from his van and Sarah Darling all giving great performances. Another stream which I drop into occasionally is the one from Matt Hodges. Matt has been adding an hour to his stream each week of lockdown and tries his absolute best not to repeat any song throughout the day. This week he was on for 8hrs.

Alan Finlan hit the Lock Down Buddies platform for a fine display and he is another who has a great catalogue of songs which he mixes with some top class covers.

This weekend saw the release of UK Country Collective Volume 6 which is a fantastic cover of the Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss is hit “Whisky Lullaby” from Tim Prottey-Jones and Laura Oakes.


Well that concludes this week’s lookback and as I usually say, until next week Stay Safe and Stay Well.

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