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Chromedomes Lockdown Lookback #7

Another week gone and here we are again taking my weekly lookback at what we have been entertained with online this week.

There has been a great selection of livestreams throughout the week and again I have discovered some more new names to keep an eye on.

Danny Coffill-brown utilised the evening on Monday when there are not quite so many livestreams to run an open mic night.Kelsey Bovey gave a fine set over on the Nashville meets world stream.

Robyn Taylor turned the clock back to the 70s with her stream and I’m sure I heard about some of the songs from my parents.

Chris Logan and Chantelle McAteer from The Rising as always gave a fantastic stream and also introduced their new single “Shadows On The Wall” which was released which was released on Friday 8th on all media streams.

American streams were also very much on form with the usual suspects that I follow hitting the screens. William Michael Morgan was involved in a few streams but unfortunately technology wasn’t doing him any favours at times. One of his streams came on the Buckle & Boots Country Festival page and along with Brett Kissel and Gary Quinn was a great insight to the songwriting process and some stories of how their friendships and working with major stars came about.Southern Halo from Mississippi have been very busy with streams through various channels and as always, their mix of tracks show their talent off very well.

My heart went out this week to the lovely Jessica Lynn who was extremely upset making the announcement that we were expecting that her European tour had to be cancelled. I am sure when this pandemic is over, and we can all congregate at gigs she and others will return to our shores when possible to entertain us. Jessica also did a good few livestreams to keep us all going.

SaraBeth Swagerty and Glen Mitchell from Royal South set aside roughly an hour to perform but it seems as long as they have requests to fulfil, they keep going which is brilliant.

Stuart Landon O'Hanlon, and Two Ways Home gave a great display of their music.

Hope it's Country had another new name for me Robert Henry streaming and again this is another one to keep an eye on, Also on William Hope's stream was Samantha Lloyd another young lady who is very entertaining another great stream came from Cat McKenna.

It was great to see Frankie Davies again showcasing her talent and it has been ages to since I’ve seen her. Ad Spina again was on point with her stream. Scott Ashworth was on his usual form with his mix of originals and covers. Maggie Jade and Luke Thomas were on form on their usual Thursday night slot and although their music is always fantastic, they are always great with their banter back and fore to each other. .Sam Coe and Ags Connolly have also been streaming their great talents.

Katee Kross has fast become a darling of the UK's Country scene and as always, her stream was 1st class. Rhiannon Kira Hill is another who is always a delight to watch and she like others is expanding her song list by learning new songs each week.

A new name for me this year has been Chris Andreucci Music and he certainly gave a great account of himself on Lock Down Buddies over the weekend and another stream on that platform last night was a lovely singer from Ireland Chantelle Padden who has one very powerful voice and certainly impressed me. Also on that platform was a cracking singer songwriter Keith Macleod Music who actually stays further north in Scotland than I do. .SJ Morgan and her husband Kieran of Morganway,,Gary Quinn and Laura Oakes are stalwarts of the weeks livestreams and this week Laura dedicated her Sunday stream to the music of Willie Nelson.

Once again, I can’t give my lookback feature without showing my great admiration to the FANTASTIC Kezia Gill. Last week was the 75th Anniversary of VE DAY and she was on brilliant form with a mix of current music and songs from the bygone era and as I’ve asked before, Is there no end to Kezias talent.

Until next week as always Stay Safe and well and keep supporting our music friends.

Edited to add, If any of the artist I know fancy putting their names forward for a possible livestream, the team at Lock Down Buddies are looking for some names and you can contact them at the Facebook page in this review.

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