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Chromedomes Lockdown Lookback #5

Well here we go for another week under lockdown and my lookback to the country music that I’ve been listening to online this week.

Another fantastic week of livestreams from some brilliant artists both home and overseas. Things are hotting up in the stakes of pages doing their own shows and occasionally it is ridiculously hard to fit all the livestreams in as they sometimes overlap. It has been another week of juggling phones, tablets and laptops all running at the same time to save missing out.

I know I’ve said this in most of my lookbacks but there is one livestream I can't miss on a Friday as Kezia Gill is showing us why she was nominated for so many awards last year, her livestream last week was a request gig and some remarkable songs were asked for and the majority of the requests were fulfilled by a voice that seems to be able to turn to any genre.

Many other streams have been high quality as well with so many to mention I don’t want to miss someone out. Katee Kross, Robyn Taylor, Emilia Quinn, Scott Ashworth, Laura Oakes, Maggie Jade and Luke Thomas, Megan Louise all spring to mind. Hope it's Country, Bare Faced Friday Live Stream, Lock Down Buddies, Lockdown Live Aberdeenshire, Danny Coffill-brown and Buckle & Boots Country Festival are among many pages hosting shows.

This week I have had the pleasure of hearing a few more overseas artists on UK and overseas livestreams including Jessica Lynn, Southern Halo, Lauren Alaina, William Michael Morgan and again the music has been first class. Charles Esten hosted a stream on Saturday night and a collaboration with The Adelaides singing Sanctuary was one of the best I’ve heard with each of the Adelaides being in a different place to Charles. Thank goodness for technology.

Coming back to home artists I have only just realised that Tim Prottey-Jones - Music has been doing a slot called UK Country Collective which has included covers a few songs. Artists collaborating with Tim have been Maggie Jade, Deeanne Dexeter and Paris Georgia. I have enjoyed the three songs done so far and I was especially impressed by the one with Paris which was an immensely powerful version of Shania Twains hit From This Moment On.

I have to say a special thank you to Lock Down Buddies who followed one of my recommendations and hosted a livestream from Megan Louise Live On Lock Down Buddies who was doing her 3rd gig of the week after filling a last minute slot in Danny’s Virtual Writers Round Festival. I was lucky enough again to have a video chat with Megan, her mum Angela Basford and dad Chris Basford and the gentleman that is William Hope on Saturday night and what a laugh we had.

After Sunday nights performance both Will and I were treated to another call from Megan and family and we were treated to a live performance of a song Megan had just written yesterday. A work in progress but a beauty so go on Megan lets get it out there.

Finally I just want to say thank you to all the entertainers who are helping to keep us entertained during this period and I hope we can support you all in any way we can whether its spreading the word, using your tip jar or buying merch.

Again, as I say each week, until next time, Stay Safe, Stay Home and support everyone in these troubled times.

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