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Chromedomes Lockdown Lookback #1, #2 & #3

Week 1.

Trying my hardest to support all the UK artists that are making tremendous efforts to survive in these bad times.

There have been lots of great live streams and the work put in by artists to put them on has been very much appreciated. Whether these virtual gigs have been done by the artist themselves or in association with another page thank you to all involved.

I will continue to listen, share, and spread the word for you all. I won't pick a favourite as it's been such a hard job and my choice might not be the same as everyone else. From album/ep launches to just putting on a show you guys all have gone above and beyond.

Long may it continue until life gets back top normal.

Week 2.

It's been a difficult week but we're all getting through it.

Still giving as much support to all my music friends whether UK based or from overseas.

There has been some tremendous live streams from all over the globe including Ashley McBryde, Brandy Clark, William Michael Morgan, Karen Waldrup.

The UK has been showing what talent there is on our country music scene. Danny Coffill-brown has upped the levels with his gigs featuring multiple musicians and wow did Kezia Gill blow us all away on Friday night.

Tonight sees the wee dynamite from the Wirral Megan-Louise Music and I was totally in awe of the performance given by Tara of The Wandering Hearts. It's strange to see members of a band doing solo performances but you can see the individual talent they have in these performances.

I've only mentioned a few here so apologies to those not included but as we continue through these times I hope to mention a few more names.

Until next week's update please all keep safe.

Week 3.

During this lockdown period Ive been taking a look at mainly our UK country artists live streams or as many as I can and also fitting in some from our overseas artists.

Last week I posted the lookback on Sunday which meant I hadn't seen our wee pal from the Wirral Megan-Louise Music who gave another masterful display of her talent and you can see why she is fast becoming the highly promising star she is. Last Sunday night was made even better for me when just after her livestream I got a video call from Meg and her parents who I've come to create a huge bond with while supporting their daughter.

Again this week my outstanding performance award goes to Kezia Gill, Friday night was a request anything gig and she just blew us all away with her performances of anything from rock, pop, country, Irish and Scottish folk. Almost 2hrs of quality.

Throughout the week our home grown talent have been putting on some remarkable performances and the quality of livestreams seem to be improving week on week. Obviously technology plays a big part in making these streams available and sadly the internet does drop out on occasion but fair play to the artists for battling through these issues.

Many pages are now promoting or taking on the artists to help them make a little cash on these streams and again Danny Coffill-brown put on a remarkable day of music on Saturday with 21 artists, some of these are new to me and one I was really impressed with this week was American Lizzie Cates who appeared with Rhiannon Kira Hill and Simon James and all were brilliant. Maggie Jade, Elaine Lennon, Ags Connolly, Gary Quinn, Katee Kross,The Rising and Laura Oakes are all among acts that have been on my radar for ages and have not disappointed with their live gigs.

Again this week The Wandering Hearts stream was taken over by one of the group and this time it was AJs turn and with the mix of music he served up I was able to see how the third piece of the jigsaw puts his stamp on the bands exceptional sound.

Last night saw many streams on at the same time but I was hugely impressed with my country honey Emma Moore who along with the great Emilia Quinn Music played as part of the Whiskey Kisses Promotions live stream also featuring Two Ways Home and Shanon Hynes. Then it was over to Lock Down Buddies for a live gig from Gary Quinn. There seemed to be many familiar names appearing in the comments but I did notice many hadn't heard Gary before but were really impressed. I do hope that there are promoters keeping an eye on these streams and will take a chance pulling these artists north of Glasgow at some time.

Final mention this week goes to our overseas artists and again William Michael Morgan Ashley McBryde, Lauren Alaina and Brandy Clark have been outstanding. Lauren Alaina was supposed to be doing a wee cookery slot with Trisha Yearwood but technology let them down. Lauren then preceded to carry on on her own making an oreo smoothie but a little opps moment happened when she was taking the jug off the blender leaving the grinder part still attached leaving the liquid to flow out the bottom of the jug. She was in hysterics which just showed how natural the girl is.

Until next week folks STAY SAFE, STAY INDOORS.

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