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Chromedomes Lockdown Lookback #10

As we enter another week of our lockdown we have been treated to more brilliant music. This has coincided with an exceptional week of weather so luckily I’ve been able to watch some of the streams outdoors and trying my best to let my neighbours enjoy our talented artists with some good responses.

Liverpool Digital Music Festival started off my week of viewing with a great set from the lovely Laura Oakes and I am always extolling how good Laura is and she did not disappoint. Her short set was finished with her absolutely adorable track Nashville Stole Your Girl, a song that will always be a favourite of mine especially sung at a live gig. Destination Country were next with artists including Tim Prottey-Jones, Kezia Gill, Gary Quinn, Katy Hurt, Jake Morrell and Jade Helliwell, in a songwriters showcase and as expected we were treated to some fantastic music from them all.

Tuesday was a slightly quieter day for me but nevertheless the quality was still on display with streams from Meg McPartlin, who was celebrating her birthday and delighted us with a mix of original music and covers. Poppy Fardell gave a great account of herself over on the Hope Its Country platform. Poppy is a relatively new act to me but will not be a stranger on my playlists in the future. Robyn Taylor took to the screens with her usual Tuesday night stream and this weeks stream was a listeners choice and dedication set. Robyn is an entertainer who is not afraid to tackle many forms of music from country to pop from classics to musicals and always treats us to an hour of fantastic music. Another staple of the Tuesday nights streams is the stream from SaraBeth and Glen Mitchell and as per usual these two deliver a strong set of originals from Both artists solo music and some from Royal Souths catalogue and also many covers. Again almost 2 hours of great music from them. The Rising also did their usual Monday night stream. This is always a high standard production stream and a great mix of music from Chantelle McAteer and Chris Logan

Samantha Lloyd kicked off Wednesday with her stream and it was great to see her back on her own page after Facebook had made some very strange decisions. Sam was back in her garden singing some lovely music both of her own and some covers. Sally and Steve from Gasoline and Matches along with Dan Wharton from Your Life In A Song then hosted a Nashville Sounds in the Lounge session raising money for NHS Charities Together featuring artists including Holloway Road, Emily Faye, Kenny Foster, Danny McMahon, Ags Connolly, Izzie Walsh, Kevin McGuire, Two Ways Home, Emilia Quinn, Gary Quinn, Payton Taylor, O and O, Kezia Gill , Simon James, Sam Coe, Jake Morrell and Gasoline and Matches. What a night from these guys. Jade and Luke also had a stream from the Jagermeister platform with their usual mix of great songs and banter. Elaine Lennon had David Latto as her guest on the new format of her Wednesday show and as I said last week this format of music and chat gives us the non-singing viewers a great insight to how the music is created.

A new name for me saw Thursday’s streams getting off to a nice start with Laura Beckwith. I have been impressed with the number of new artists this lockdown period has thrown in my direction. Adriana Spina was live from home with her lovely style of music and chat and is another person that is amazingly easy to listen to. Jessica Lynn is one of the American acts that tour over here as often as she can and delivers a fun stream mixed with her lovely mix of styles of music and I would say that if you can get to see her on her Uk tour next year I would recommend it. Jade always gives a remarkable stream on a Thursday and this week was no different and along with the abuse she got from Mr What Key is It In Thomas came up with the goods again.

Friday kicked off with Emilia Quinn, Simon James and Mal McWatt on the Barefaced Friday segment with a few new tracks from each of them and a haunting track from Mal about the comparisons of the Scots and Cherokee Indians. Scott Ashworth had his normal blend of old, new, original and covers on his Friday stream which was around 3 hours long. Tennessee Twin are a duo I’ve not listened to very often but I really got into their stream this week and will be paying more attention to them as long as this lockdown is in place. There were some song from Ags Connolly, Chris Andreucci and Megan O’Neill on their streams which I hopped on and off during the night before the highlight of my week the fantastic Kezia Gill. This week’s theme was summertime songs and again Kezia hit the mark with some brilliant songs requested by her usual Friday crew.

Saturday was a little quieter for me but streams came from Tennessee Twin, Liv Austen, Katy Hurt and Samantha Lloyd before turning my attention to Katee Kross, however due to internet problems in Glasgow caused the stream to be slightly shorter than normal but it still proved to be a great wee set. Late night listening and watching came from The Opry 1st with Carly Pearce in conversation before heading to the stage where the spotlight in the circle turned to Brett Young, Chris Young and Chris Janson. Another brilliant display from all 3 on stage

Sunday was an early start for Jessica Lynn as she was live from home at 9am her time. I am sure she thinks some of us are mad over here as we watch her streams at all times of the day and night, but she never does a stream without giving us a shout out. The Songs and Stories Collective hosted Sandy McLelland, Tennessee Twin, Sarah Yeo and Donna Marie and again it was great to watch all these acts perform. Robyn Taylor sneaked into another stream with the Emkay Agency Lockdown sessions and performed some more from her incredible repertoire.

My week of livestreams ended with another fantastic stream from my tip for the future Megan Louise. I’ve been incredibly lucky to be included in her family circle and along with William Hope we have been given advanced previews to some of her upcoming work and please watch this space. There is a lot of great work happening in the Wirral where this young is setting her full time career off to a great start. This was another great stream and I know many are now taking heed of this little stick of dynamite.

My final mention this week must go to another fantastic cover from Tim Prottey Jones and Charlotte Black in the UK Country Collective volume 8 with the track Dear Hate from Maren Morris and Vince Gill.

As always, until next week. Stay Safe and Well.

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