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Bob Fitzgerald - Another Highway EP

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Bob Fitzgerald is a singer/songwriter based in South Wales. His music has a fantastic rocky influence. This debut EP is full of energy and wonderfully bold guitar riffs. The tracks on this album have a positive lively feel to them with the exception of She’ll do which adopts a more reflective approach.

Running from the Rain is a high energy track with powerful guitar riffs to help set the overall feel for this EP. In this opening track, Bob's sentiment is very clear, he is determined not to worry about the past and instead focus on the road ahead. He is leaving everything behind and escaping from a storm he has left.

One of these nights has reaasuringly rocky beats, it is about seizing the moment and enjoying it. The mood behind the melody empathises the urgency. Bob exercises a wide vocal range throughout this track and does so with ease.

She’ll do has a more subtle approach with the melody which reflects the mood of this track.

Bob describes about how he is unsure whether she is right for him, but is going to try anyway and see where it takes him. He elaborates by explaining he could love her but he really isn’t sure.

The powerful rocking beats of Run resume in this final track. Bob tells about trying to encourage a friend to escape their current life and go with him, regardless of what happens nothing will separate them.

The overall feel of this EP is a very positive one. They all echo a similar theme of new beginnings which can be very important to redefine certain aspects of a person’s life.

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