Bands In Lockdown Vol.35

Elles Bailey & The Midnight Band

Great Man by Mark Cott

This is a song I wrote last year. I recorded and presented it to my Dad at Inspire Music Recording Studio as a gift on his 79th birthday last December.

At the beginning of lockdown whilst separated, my friends and I set about individually recording our performances for the song, and whilst it was not my intention to put so many videos out all at once, today felt like the perfect time to share it.

Alzheimer’s started to get the better of Dad and we lost him on 12th April 2020 much sooner than expected and unable to be by his side as he passed due to this horrible virus.

My family and I are so thankful for all the love we’ve received from all who have supported us since. It made carrying on that little bit easier.

A huge thank you to all the talented musicians who helped turn this into a polished record:

Producer:Inspire Music - Lead Vocal:Simon Clewlow - Electric Guitar:Matt Bishop

Bass Guitar:Tom Bishop - Piano:Marten Joustra - Strings:Kathleen Ord

Drums:Andrew Smith & Tom Bishop

Mix: Matt Bishop - Master: Tom Bishop

Happy Father’s Day x

Alzheimer's Society - #Alzheimers - #FathersDay - #Dad - #GreatMan

Hicktown Breakout

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