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Artist Spotlight: Joey Clarkson

Joey Clarkson uses infectious, hooky melodies and evocative lyrics to create songs that seem to hold onto you long after the music has stopped. Her performances have been described as captivating, personal experiences.

The Up-and-coming singer/songwriter who charted the top five on iTunes in July, has recorded her fourth single of 2020; an optimistic tribute to the December the nation is hoping for. The single will be preceded by the official music video, which includes home footage from an international cast.

The track, which features Canadian-born Clarkson, and her husband Peter Dixon - a serving member of Her Majesty’s forces - is inspired by the travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and pays tribute to an alternate reality in which everyone can travel home for the holidays.

Speaking of the single Clarkson states:

"‘December’ was written the day I came to terms with the fact that I would be unable to see my family this year, and that I would be unable to attend one of my best friend’s weddings. Rather than writing about this heart-breaking reality, I decided to approach this song from the perspective of what it would feel like if I were able to come home for the holidays.”

The track starts with piano and layered acoustics with the gentle tones of Joey's vocals. The track brings the forefront, the sentiment of longing to be with family and the hopeful, emotive lyrical content of coming home for the festive season. Throughout the song, the storytelling and instrumentation sit perfectly together - the middle 8 and final chorus really bring home that feeling of togetherness with multiple vocals and big drums. Overall, the song and the way that Joey present's it, is reminiscent of Sara Bareilles and Taylor Swift. This is a song that you need to hear!

The single will be preceded by the music video, which drops on November 30th - Joey has encouraged her audience to take short videos of themselves holding written messages for the loved ones they would be visiting this December, if it weren’t for the pandemic.

Release: 11th December

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