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Artist Spotlight - EJ O'Reilly

Where do I start? 

Currently living in London and playing gigs in and around the city, well that was until we all went into 'Lockdown'. Strange times. Just recently released my album The Frontier Three, which you can get on all digital platforms now. The narrative album explores mid-1800's America, when modernity pushed West and the foundation of the US was formed. Yeehaa

We would like to know what made you decide to follow a musical career.

I guess I had been writing and playing tunes for so long and I thought it was time to get some of them out there. And it's not enough just to release songs, you have to get out there as well; gigs, radio, artist spotlights, anything to draw a crowd to the music. This is also good as it makes me want to write more and improve so really that has become an important part of it. Simply put, I want to pursue a musical career because it's that pursuit that's the fun part, not fussed if I get a career out of it.


Releasing the album The Frontier Three and being featured in Country Music People Magazine have been the two stand outs for me. Working on writing the album and recording for so long, it was amazing to get to show it to the people who had asked about it along the way, as well as getting some new people interested.

QUESTION: If you had the choice to play at your dream venue anywhere in the world, where would it be? ANSWER: Red Rocks, Colorado

QUESTION: Tell us the story of your most embarrassing moment on stage? ANSWER:  Probably getting a serious case of dry throat or when performing with band 'Island' starting a tune in the wrong key only realising when the bass player started about a minute in. 

QUESTION: Do you prefer vinyl or digital? ANSWER: Digital, music on the go is a must for me

QUESTION: Wackiest pet owned or normal pet with wackiest personality? ANSWER: My friends and I owned a hamster named Cheeksy, I've got a short song about him too

QUESTION: What do you feel is the greatest achievement of your musical career to date? ANSWER:  The release of my album, The Frontier Three, Go check it out

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