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Album Review: The Wanderer by The Empty Pages

The Empty Pages is an acoustic duo from Stamford, Lincs.

They are Fred Miceli and Kieran Wade and with the help of some additional musicians

Sean Dunmore: Drums, Taliesin Lowe: Violin and Sam Bradshaw: Cello they released their album 'The Wanderer' on 7th August 2019, and are really pleased with the reception they've had from it so far. Although they are only a duo and their songs work live, they decided to record full band versions of their songs for the album. It was a completely do it yourself home project from beginning to end.

Title track 'The Wanderer' is the opening track. It is a really jolly song that gets your feet tapping instantly. Its about a man making no plans and just travelling the world.

'Write Me A Song' is a ballad about how to write a song and how the words just don't come to mind. I really like this song's harmonies. They give this song a really distinctive sound. It reminds me of a sea shanty and for some reason it conjures up a picture of Cornish fishermen singing together on the harbour wall whilst repairing their nets.

'Stone Girl Mary' is a fossil collector who sells them to earn a living. This song has a really lovely guitar instrumental.

The guitar used for the solo in this song has the most gorgeous tone to it. 'News' highlights the story of sensationalist journalism and how the journalists have no conscience as long as their bills are paid. Attention grabbing headlines are the order of the day.

'Please Take My Blues Away' is another uptempo number. He is trying to get the girl. She would make his day if she fell in love with him. A very relatable song as we have all been in this position at one time or another.

'My Recovery Crew' is a beautiful heartfelt song. Its about when you are feeling stressed and down, there is that one person you turn to, to make things feel better. The introduction of piano in the chorus fills out the overall sound nicely and it has a lovely instrumental. This is one of my favourite songs on the album.

'The Day The Sun Stands Still' starts with one voice and one piano stripped back and laid bare and then leading into the second verse a cello is introduced. This song is beautiful in its simplicity and when the guitar solo fades in towards the end it really gives the song that extra dynamic. It's stunning. 'New York Queen' is also gorgeous containing nothing but an intricate guitar picker, two voices and a lilting melody.

'I'm So Tired' is really uptempo considering the title. It has a 60's rockabilly style guitar solo. It's about not taking the advice offered so ending up in trouble and shamefully having to face that person and apologise.

'One Last Serenade' is a waltz with an Irish flavour. It's a goodbye song. He is going to miss her while he continues his journey so he wants her to sing a song so that he can remember her wherever he is in the world.

The penultimate song is 'I've Found My Place' and it's about knowing who you are. It's another song that gets you tapping your toes along in time to the rhythm.

'When The Cold Wind Blows' is the final track on 'The Wanderer'. Almost acapella apart from the occasional strum of the guitar strings. He is waiting for autumn to end and winter to set in because that's when his girl will be leaving.

Overall 'The Wanderer' is a very enjoyable album that would enhance any music library.

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