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Album Review - Something Beautiful - Jenny Colquitt

Jenny is an Artist I found during lockdown with powerful vocals combined with piano guitar and harmonica talents, releasing her debut album.

Track one Dirty Town kicking in with some minor piano chords complemented by a perfectly mixed guitar backing. Straight away, her stunning vocals kick in with the piano ringing round with added band backing building up to the entire entrance of the band leading up to some powerful vocal runs throughout the rest of the track the band drops in and out, creating a natural feeling in the track there is a section towards the end Dirty town with the piano chords rising up and some outstanding vocal runs leading into just the stunning bare bones of just jenny and those gorgeous piano chords crash and the entire band back in for another stunning section with the guitar and band complementing the feel of the track yet more incredible vocal runs on the phrases dirty town, slow piano fade away and that tracks one done the vocal runs and power for an opening track we know it's going to be a stunning album.

This side has slower, softer guitar lead piano showcasing another side of her talents; the lyrics im all right, showcasing her vocal range and outstanding control; the whole guitar playing throughout the track complementing her soft vocals, but those runs are just outstanding.

Track two finished goosebumps all round; this is just stunning so far.

Same Old Story, the start of this track features some eery piano sounds be for just a few bars before both the piano and guitar come into perfection. That synth lead piano sound running throughout the track before short sections of just the kick and snare from the band and some major piano chords to build up the track before the lyrics title lyric track feature some super long and stunning vocal runs just amazing even in the break down the synth lead backing is still building the track all the time were getting over halfway through the track. The clever layering of the synth sounds, dropping the piano back slightly, gives Jenny vocals a chance to take centre stage before that synth lead piano takes us out with a slow fade away.

1964 kicking off with that excellent combination of piano and harmonica before it is just the bare bones of Jenny's vocals with major and emotional chords before the breakdown of the band backing and that excellent harmonica and piano combo with leading into some stunning vocal range from jenny and amazing runs on the 1964 lyrics the later part of the trackback to the harmonica and piano combo with added synth sounds and even more as the track continues to rise building up that emotion with added hint electric guitar before the stunning bare and vocal end of just jenny and some excellent runs with soft piano

Shape of you another incredible short synth opening before that hitting piano comes in with some powerful lyrics with some excellent delay on the piano and wide reverb give the track full sound the add simple kick drum coming in with occasional percussion before the full, intense band comes in complete some excellent wide electric guitar and there is a synth sound running throughout that just amazing in its space before is back down to just jenny the drums and a hint of a piano and the in and out style of the track is just amazing creating real depth in the track those synth sounds popping in and out just wow

After the last intense track, its God The Father Just a Barebones track featuring powerful vocal runs from Jenny emotive piano chords and layered violin synth sound to create that emotion; the dropouts to just a hint of piano, stunning jenny vocals are just wow.

Little Blue Boy is probably my favourite track on the album; the way the harmonica and the guitar are working together and the tones from Jenny's vocals are creating some outstanding emotion; the layered vocals just that epic sound and clever dropping in and out of the harmonica is some parts add that in and out emotional vibe of the track the here is a hint of piano towards the end but not overpowering the guitar and harmonica.

How Do You Feel starting in the with just jenny's vocals and finger picks layered with some wide room reverb and the control in her vocals and range the track cleverly building all the time before the bass and kick backing all the other layers are enhanced for a full-on sound before the back down to end with bare jenny vocals and fingerpicking guitar.

Poetry Of you kicking in with low piano chords and high piano chords cleverly layered again with some nice wide reverb, the piano elements building the background when they are layered with jenny's vocals and the runs it's just magical.

I am yours a similar style to last track, but the build-in features soft and vocals perfectly match the starting vibe of the track the same amazing layered vocals and run from jenny with the added backing of the band creating that wide space sound and just power full runs are amazing the extra electric guitar towards the end is just perfect for the mix.

You are loved simple soft piano start letting jenny's vocals power through and a combine xylophone and simple shaker giving this another outstanding sound and depth throughout the track and the added vocal layers and synth sounds and ending with just jenny vocal and piano to end with real emotion.

Something Beautiful the album version starts with an outstanding intro jenny just talking with that hard and fast hitting piano playing the layers of percussion and delay running around the background adding to the full feel of the track; the space in the room its creating is just magical the full band kicking in powerful vocals leading up the breakdown of just the band and some incredible synth sounds and epic piano sounds running throughout is running around the back the pulsing vocals from jenny and the power full up and down moments leading towards the end with added electric sounds and synth sounds running around building up to a crash finish.

The whole album is just amazing; the outstanding use of reverb to create super-wide sound and the added FX parts on just the short backing sounds just add to the clever layering sound and the control that jenny has in vocals high note low notes the runs on tracks just outstanding perfectly combining with all elements of the track she is defiantly one who is going to be massive every song extraordinary and different the whole album is nothing like I have heard recently it's a stand out album and its an album not just a collection of tracks.

The full album is out Friday 27th November

on all platforms

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