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Album Review - Hannah White & The Nordic Connections

Hannah White is an incredible artist that I have been following for number years all the way from her debut album Noughts & Crosses and her massive hit Elephant Eye and other works as and artists her excellent independent venue The Sound Lounge which she runs with her partner Keiron and volunteers .

This Record with The Nordic Connections is her fourth studio album and debut album with her band that all hale from Norway. They came together after a one-off gig where there was an instant connection.

Having heard her live with the Nordic Connections a few times before. I knew that this would be an outstanding album if the live performance was anything to go by and the album certainly didn't disappoint.

Never Get along

A fantastic super-soft backbeat with lyrics about loving you tells the day and the fact that we can never get along. It is about a past relationship with super relatable lyrics especially in the current situation the whole track has an incredible blues riff pulsating thoughtout.

Start Again

Starts with just Hannah's soft and soulful voice backed by soft percussion with

lyrics about starting again in a new relationship and forgetting the past. The whole time with the track slowly rising with some incredible harmonies and stunning pedal steel work with added backing harmonies to make this a magical track which is still growing the whole time with excellent soft backing, which makes Hannah's voice stand out.

City Beats

City beats start with a catchy backing track with some excellent key's playing

Joined by a blues riff in and out laced with more excellent keys with a hit of harmonica sound with the second blues riff coming to build another excellent track. The whole track is about people moving to the beat of life.

Pay Me A Compliment

A excellent slowed down track showcasing Hannah;s incredibly soft vocals.

As the title suggests this is about paying me a compliment which is clearly a story about Hannah's past relationship experience but could be relatable to anyone. With some more outstanding pedal steel work in the background backed just by the simple backbeat.

Gotta Work Harder

It starts with full band backing with an excellent blues riff with just the super simple but catchy lyrics Gotta Work Harder. The breakdowns just left to an excellent blues riff building up the track with some excellent Rhodes keys, rising up to build to an outstanding breakdown. The breakdown features just Rhodes keys to start with shortly after joined by an incredible guitar solo with excellent backbeat kicking in with more lyrics about working harder, turning up on time!

My Father

Starts with more of that perfect backbeat and very subtle blues riff with lyrics about her relationship with her father. Its about him breaking the law and being sent away frequently, and not finishing school despite being very a knowledgeable man and building a home joined at times with some more outstanding pedal steel work. Continuing with some excellent backing Rhodes and perfectly placed bass riff moving on to the second part of the track with lyrics about her father getting a loan from by government then they took the home with Hannah's outstanding tones making the track's lyrics stand out at the critical moments, with the saddest moment that they could not afford a grave.

Like We Have Always Done

Another fantastic track with some excellent percussion and more incredible soft blues riffs throughout and more of that outstanding pedal steel with more magical harmonies and lyrics about her past experiences.

Now That You're Gone

A track about her previous relationships and when you're not around with more excellent pedal steel work, Hannah soft soulful voice bursting through "when I am missing you" with key lyrics when you're not around with some excellent blues and pedal steel solos throughout.

The Darkenss

Starts with some excellent piano Rhodes backed by just Hannah's soulful voice with small but perfect pedal steel parts. The whole track has a real swing vibe to it, with excellent rising Rhodes back by a simple bass riff. The entire track is about the darkness coming in and a tormented soul with the ending lyric they never found the Gun!

Man without Men

Another outstanding track with more of Hannah outstanding vocals bursting out yet again with lyrics 'what is a man' then building up to an incredible section with just one of Hannah's vocal runs and still building up to ending part with some magical harmonies rising up to bring this outstanding album to a close with just Hannah's voice and some simple backing

RELEASE DATE UK/EU: 5th June 2020 Vinyl, CD & DIGITAL Released by Paper Blue Records Distributed by Proper

Hannah White & The Nordic Connections

1. Never Get Along

2. Start Again

3. City Beats

4. Pay Me A Compliment

5. Gotta Work Harder

6. My Father

7. Like We've Always Done

8. When You're Not Around

9. The Darkness

10. Man Without Men

The whole album is an outstanding piece of Americana/Country which hooks you in from the first track all the way to the final track telling stories about past experiences and day-to-day life with lyrics perfectly crafted with some excellent blues, pedal steel playing, and piano playing throughout the whole album.

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