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Review: 'Tips In A Jar' - Tennessee Twin Straight in at #1 iTunes Country Chart

With minimal instrumentation 'Born For The Road' is a beautiful soulful ballad which showcases harmonies and vocals to perfection. It's a conversation between two people about a reunion after spending some time apart.

Geoff takes the lead vocals in the next foot tapping up tempo song which shows a slightly rockier side to Tennessee Twin. 'Move On' is about wanting to improve you life and leaving the past behind you.

Gorgeous guitar picking and an underlying violin which becomes more prominent as the song progresses sound absolutely gorgeous together. 'Hold My Hand' really doesn't need anything else. The two instruments compliment each other perfectly. This song is a parents message to their children. Victoria's vocal is sublime.

'Alice' is another jolly sounding song that really has a feel good feel about it. Its about a travelling musician from the beginning of her musical journey, through to fame and fortune and back again. It transports me to the Emerald Isle with its Irish sounding fiddle, banjo and tambourine.

When I saw and heard 'Without You' played for our acoustic session earlier in the year my emotions got the better of me. It is probably the most beautiful love song I have ever heard. The words are so beautiful and Geoff and Victoria's delivery of the song and their interaction when they face each other and sing it to each other with such conviction makes the audience know that these two people truly are in love. Its like there is no-one else there in that moment with them. The tears from me just flowed freely I have to tell you.

What can I say about 'Tips In A Jar' EP? Every word, every phrase, every syllable - stunning. Absolutely stunning.

Available now on all digital platforms and on CD from Tennessee Twin shows.

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