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Review: 'All About Us' by Simon Clulo.

We have known Simon for about 2 years now and have seen him perform live on quite a few occasions so it is really nice to hear these familiar songs finally recorded. The 6 track EP showcases Simon's fabulous voice to perfection.

'We Have Seen It All' is a mid tempo love song and it talks about past memories and planning future memories together. Starts off with fairly sparse instrumentation but with the introduction of drums and keys it picks up nicely in the chorus and then before the last chorus it has a nice guitar solo.

Without hesitation the EP goes straight into the next song 'Vintage Photo Frame' which was a #1 single in the iTunes country chart. It was co-written with Charlotte Elizabeth and I think the writer is thinking about an older family member who sadly, the only memory she really has of this person, is a picture in an old worn out frame.

Going on an American road trip with the love of your life is always going to be fun. 'Only When It Rains' is a feel good song with lovely guitar picking throughout. This song makes me want to sway my shoulders in time to it. I just close my eyes and drift.

'Cover Your Eyes' is one of the slightly rockier sounding songs on the EP. The guitar strums at the beginning sound very 60's but nothing else in the song takes me to that era. Its about going through life and being stronger when you take on life's battles together.

The title track 'All About Us' Is self explanatory really. It is a couple looking back on their life together. It has always been my favourite and I feel it is the stand out song on this EP. Its rocky and Simon sings it with so much passion in his voice.

'Closing Time' stripped back to just a vocal performance with an acoustic guitar this ballad is all about a relationship with the bottle. This song seems to be the perfect ending to this wonderful EP. It feels like its naturally winding down to the end.

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