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The UK Country Showcase & Friends.

If you love British country music I just want to give you a little information on how you can brighten up your future Sunday's.

All you have to do is tune into Redroad Fm between 12pm and 3pm on 102.4fm and have a listen to The UK Country Showcase presented by dj Simon Birds.

It is one of the highlights of the week for us. You can tell from his voice how excited Simon is about British country music. His enthusiasm for the artists and their music is fantastic.

Simon presents such a varied and interesting show. Not only does he have exclusive first plays and new music releases but he has live interviews and live acoustic sessions actually conducted in the studio. He also does phone interviews for those artists who can't get to the studio for one reason or another. On the odd occasion when a live session from the studio is not possible for whatever reason, it is recorded elsewhere and then included in that weeks show.

This happened on Sunday. A previously recorded songwriters round was included in Sunday's show. It was a songwriters round and an interview all rolled into one with 4 songs from each artist, funny anecdotes and banter which all made for a really great show really revealing the songwriters personalities. Simon also had a phone interview with an up and coming American artist which was superb. Not satisfied with all that though, Simon also had another artist on a radio tour promoting his new EP on the show. He sang 3 songs live in the studio too. Wow 3 hours packed to the brim.

Simon also plays British country music almost exclusively. It is also the style of country that is very representative of what is happening within the UK country music scene at the moment. Nothing too traditional and nothing too pop. Just that happy balance that our songwriters seem to have found.

And if you do happen to miss it, you can catch up with it on mixcloud at your convenience as all Simon's back catalogue of shows are uploaded to it.

Here is the link to last weeks show. Go on, give it a whirl. You certainly won't be disappointed.

If you would like to follow Simon and his show here are some links

If you would like to know of any British country music events up and down the country you can also follow Forever British Country here

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