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Review: Russell Vincent's Self Titled Debut EP

On first taking this EP out of the sleeve you can see that every attention to detail has been taken. It was partly recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios and the CD itself looks like a vinyl record.

The overall sound of this EP transports the listener straight back to the 1950's. The tone of the guitar puts me in mind of the rockabilly era.

'Backend of Nowhere' is about not really knowing which direction you are going in life but you continue on your journey looking for that one special person to settle down with. It features quite a dominant drum beat and bass line and the instrumentation builds quite nicely.

'Everything' is an up tempo love song. He is telling his girl how much she means to him. I really like the mandolin riff that features throughout. This song certainly made me want to tap my foot along to the beat.

The track 'Waterfall' has just 2 guitars that feature in this acoustic stripped back song. It tells the story of avoiding life's pitfalls and finding a smoother pathway.

'Going Nowhere' is all about resisting the temptation of a passionate liaison. There was a time when he would have jumped at the chance but not any more. His loyalty now is with the girl with his ring on her finger.

Mandolins have a very distinctive sound. In 'You Know That I Can' that sound takes me back to my childhood and vaguely puts me in mind of one of those steam powered organs that you used to see at the fair. It sounds completely different to the other songs on the EP and I think it is my favourite. It tells the story of a man who knows he has his flaws but that he is going to love her in the best way that he knows how.

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