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Review 'Found' EP by Jon Dearing

This debut EP by Jon Dearing begins with a short simple piano intro to ease the listener into the 1st track ‘Beautiful Sinner’. This track explains about trying to find a way to attract the attention of a woman with whom he wants to connect. The fear of failure is in the back of his mind but as he was about to give up, the girl responds. Jon explains using several metaphors to demonstrate his actions. Describing the girl as a beautiful sinner with a beautiful face would probably suggest more of a love interest.

It steps up a notch with ‘Chasing’, the next track. From my perspective, there is a hint of Jon Bon Jovi coming through in the way he addresses the higher notes, absolutely brilliant!

The sentiment of this song is a time of desperation which is also reflected in the increased tempo. He is trying to chase a love interest which left some time ago but he isn’t fully accepting this and is potentially in denial. You have to feel for Jon with the lyrics. There is a great electric guitar interlude part way through this track demonstrating Jon’s expertise with the guitar riffs.

The tempo is slowed down with ‘Matter to Me’ to help illustrate the situation Jon describes. He is explaining to the girl he loves that she is safe, she doesn’t need to worry. He is trying to reassure her that he wants her to see his vulnerable side and more importantly that he can be trusted . He goes on to describe what attracts him to her. This shows a very mature person who wants to share his life with a girl he loves.

‘Close to feeling’ has a much different feel to the other tracks on this EP. Jon is describing walking in the wilderness not knowing or not sure where to turn next. He tells of feeling stranded waiting for a hero to come along,. He just feels lost after potentially making several decisions. I’m sure many people can relate to this, I know I can!

Finally now the title track ‘Found’. The lyrics in this song echo rekindling a friendship with a long lost friend. It doesn’t matter how much the individuals change adversely it’s never too late to reform and also with the help of the long-time friend they can help. The fact that is follows on from ‘Close to Feeling’ I don’t think is a coincidence. This song helps to give closure to a difficult time. It’s a lovely thoughtful track and a wonderfully rounds off this fantastic EP.

Jon has produced a wonderful EP here which demonstrates his superb vocals throughout his range. His ability to adapt to more of a ballad with ‘Matter to Me’ in contrast to ‘Chasing’ which begins gradually then explodes with a crescendo of energy, further demonstrates his musical talent.

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