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Review: 'Ain't No Grave' - Paul Mirfin Band

The Paul Mirfin Band are a Yorkshire based group of musicians who combine a mixture of folk rock, country & bluegrass with true lyrical content of faith and all that life throws our way. Since forming in 2015, they have performed in churches, at festivals and even on railway platforms & their music has been aired on BBC Introducing, Premier Christian and UCB radio.

Their latest single 'Ain't No Grave' is the title track of their next EP, yet to be released. The band are huge fans of Johnny Cash and this is where the premise of this song comes from. It's been performed at numerous live gigs and found its way onto the EP after fans said it was their favourite version of the song!

The song begins very mysteriously with a loud string section and all band members singing in harmony. I interpret the lyrical content of the song to speak of physical death and evil not bringing down their beliefs in God - life may be tough and you may come across situations that feel draining and difficult but the belief in something far bigger than us can keep us from harm.

The music throughout is incredibly unique - a wonderful array of traditional country, folk and bluegrass.

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