Wiltshire Country Band Duck n Cuvver Due To Make History This Week

So where would you think would be the most iconic and typically English place to make a music video in the country?

The Tower of London perhaps? Or on a boat in front of the white cliffs of Dover?

I know.....how about right in the middle of the stone circle of Stonehenge.

The most iconic English landmark in the British Isles.

This is exactly the place that Wiltshire country band Duck n Cuvver have chosen to film their music video this week for their single 'Henge Of Stone'.

Band member Robert Hardie tells me the band want to make history by filming the video for this song from inside the stone circle. Robert also says that it would be a huge help if people were to pop over to iTunes to pre-order their song.

Here is the link


You can also listen to 'Henge of Stone' on Spotify


Drumming legend Steve White who has drummed for bands such as Oasis, Paul Weller & The Style Council is also supporting Duck n Cuvver with a charity fundraising campaign.

English Heritage is demanding £4,500 (which is £1 for every year that Stonehenge has stood) for the privilege of filming at the historic site. Any contributors to the fundraiser will be much appreciated and automatically get their name mentioned in the credits at the end of the video they are shooting.

Promo video link


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