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Review: 'He's Not You' – Nia Nicholls

The title of this track immediately suggests this is not a happy love song. Nia is explaining about the love with a boy which is not reciprocated the way she wants it to happen. She explains about the frustration of the whole situation.

The regular breaks in the guitar solo at the beginning help to echo the problem that Nia is facing. A lovely flowing melody accompanies the lyrics to describe how the other boy, whom she does not have feelings towards. The other boy on the scene is very attentive; even how he can find the appropriate words to make Nia feel better. He is everything that she would desire to have in a boyfriend. She describes his eyes as gorgeous and blue like an ocean but unfortunately the boy she is actually dating isn’t this boy. The boyfriend has clearly been in Nia’s life for a while and she would feel guilty for leaving him. This is the reason she has the conflict between her heart and head.

Nia’s narrative throughout the track helps the listener really understand the turmoil and the frustration she is dealing with in her head. She even questions why she feels the way she does and how she is convinced that is not how it should be. Whilst I was listening to this track I could sense the frustration she was experiencing.

Well done Nia on writing this song, your ability to transport the listener on this journey is testament to your song writing!

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