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Review: Barefoot – Emily Faye

In this lovely upbeat track by Emily Faye is about taking a step back from a very busy life where there are too many possible directions, too many decisions you can make and despite this there is no direction you can take. This will probably sound familiar to many people who listen to ‘Barefoot’.

If for no other reason, it is necessary for your own sanity to slow down, allow your brain chance to breathe and reassess. Overloading the brain with useful information can have the opposite effect.

Running on the theme of too many possibilities to choose from, so much so that it is really hard to see the bigger picture so the smaller issues feel decidedly bigger – take a step back.

In this track Emily uses the analogy of walking in the same shoes for too long and having to take them off because they don’t fit well, instead go barefoot; Emily repeats this throughout the track emphasise the point.

Emily suggests an ideal way to relax and unwind; another analogy? Maybe actually escaping to a beach somewhere is the therapy, in any case the description works very well!

This track has a lovely air of positivity throughout; it’s almost like a suggested therapy! The melody flows effortlessly which is in direct contrast with the story behind the lyrics; this works perfectly with the suggestion to taking a step back from the complexities of life– the theme of the track.

A brilliant piece of music!

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