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Review: 'Rock Bottom' by Sasha McVeigh

I have been waiting in anticipation for 'Rock Bottom'. It is the first of several songs that Sasha is going to be releasing as singles.

Moving to Nashville last year Sasha McVeigh is originally from Hereford. We first met in October 2014 at the first FSA Festival at Fort San Antone and since then I have been an avid supporter of Sasha and her music.

Her last single 'When I'm Over You' is one of my favourites and 'Rock Bottom' has very quickly joined that list. It is the sort of song that drew me to country music in the first place when I was introduced to Martina McBride and Suzy Bogguss by my husband Ian in 1994. The instrumentation, the sentiment, the story telling. It just gets a wow from me.

It tells of hitting rock bottom emotionally after a break up. Its about how emotional turmoil defines you as a person. It makes you stronger when you come out of the other side.

Yep, it's safe to say I'm in love with this song.

'Rock Bottom', is currently available to pre-save for FREE on Spotify and Apple Music so please tell all your friends about it. Use the link below for your convenience...

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