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Review: Unbroken by Helena Mace

Unbroken is about a time in Helena’s life when she has had to hear some news that was hard

to take in despite hearing the explanation; she finds it difficult to process the information so it

doesn’t actually make much sense to her. The events leading up to this period in her life have

been long and drawn out. She doesn’t actually hear the words properly anyway.

The revelation of the news is so hard to process that Helena feels suffocated by it; you wonder

how you can continue to carry on. There will be future problems to negotiate so the fear of the

unknown begins to play on her mind.

Helena does display an element of positivity though; despite the overwhelming feeling of

helplessness she believes she can be strong enough mentally to overcome this and any other

obstacle that comes her way.

This is a very thought-provoking song and Helena sings with lots of feeling and very mature

vocals. The guitar intro sets the mood for a sombre song and the strong drum beats which

maintain their presence at regular intervals throughout the song add to the overall atmosphere

of the song.

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