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Rango's Country Club Review - July 2019

I always love this event. Hosted by country duo Cinder Hill each month in an intimate, nicely set up room above a Tex Mex restaurant. It has red and white gingham cloths on the tables with freshly cut flowers in vases, big tall barrels that double as tables at the back, there is nothing like getting up close and personal to a country singer songwriter.

Katie and Hayley are wonderful hostesses who not only perform but compere the country club too. They are warm and inviting in their approach as well as funny and very entertaining. These ladies have been performing together all their lives and are very at home in front of an audience.

Cinder Hill started the evenings entertainment singing some original songs that we don't get to hear very often and they always throw a really good cover into the mix too. I could listen to their harmonies all night.

Next to perform was our friend Simon Clulo. It was great to see him as we hadn't heard those songs in a good while. He has a slightly raspy tone to his vocal making it one of the best male voices on the UK country scene. Look out for details of his upcoming EP launch.

Our final artist of the evening was the lovely Finola. I reviewed a song of hers last year but this was the first time we had had the chance to see her perform and I absolutely loved her set. Most of her songs started off fairly low key and then all of a sudden they went off on a tangent. Completely surprising every one. Not what you would expect at all.

So if you are wanting to be entertained by the cream of British country artists, then just pop along to Rango's in Winsford Cheshire on the 3rd Saturday of every month. You definitely will be glad you did.

All photos credited to Ian Morrall

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