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Review: J R Harbidge - 'A Side Of You That Cares'

James Harbidge is an Americana artist and singer-songwriter whose musical nurture came from his father. He grew up with strong roots in the Birmingham rock music scene though over time, as James' personal circumstances changed, so did the music scene, and this perhaps led to a degree of introspection encouraging a change of direction.

J R recently released his debut Americana album 'First Ray of Light' whereby the songs are rooted in everyday life experiences. 'A side of you that cares' was written specifically for the album and as you may have guessed, refers to relationships.

The song starts with an elegant acoustic guitar and soft drum beat followed by James' vocal. I really like how reserved the verses are in comparison to the chorus. It allows to listener to reflect on the lyrical content of the verses that describe the heartbreak of knowing that a particular significant other has such a caring nature about them but when during those times of anger, feeling helpless with an inability to help - 'on the outside looking in...let me in'. The chorus is a lot more powerful and definitely highlights James' love for The Beatles with the backing vocals.

Following the second chorus is a very thought-provoking (in some ways), and beautiful instrumental interlude before the song is bought to an end with a final chorus and outro.

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