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Morganway Interview & Video

We sent out our interview to Morganway and this is what Callum Morgan had to say.....

My twin brother Kieran and i started the band some years ago, but it only really evolved into the lineup it is today quite recently. Kieran and I have always played together in bands and Morganway is the first time I think, where we’ve found something that not only really clicks with who we are, but with all members of the band too. The name comes from our Grandfather, who unfortunately passed away suddenly in a tragic accident when we were just a year old. As a vicar, he was very much admired around where we grew up, and a road called “Morgan’s Way” was named after him. Obviously we dropped the “S” and made it all one word, but that’s the connection. Q - How long have you been writing and performing country music?

It’s hard to say really because I never set out to write a country song, and the band doesn’t really aim to play a certain way based on genre. We play what we feel, what inspires us all and the elements we can’t control that emerge by just playing together. What that sounds like seems to resonate a lot with country music fans, which is wonderful because clearly there is still much to be discovered in that world. Nothing is set in stone and there are so many crossovers. We’ve always been inspired by great writers and songs, and I think country music places a lot of importance on these factors. Some people have a specific idea of what country music is but in my opinion, there are no rules. We just write and perform as ourselves. Whatever that happens to be is Morganway, and the fact that people are connecting with that is amazing. Q - If you could invite the people who have influenced you in your music career to a dinner party, who would you invite?

For me personally (assuming I’ve also been given the power of resurrection) it would have to be Tom Petty, Leonard Cohen and John Lennon, but there’d also be Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Cliff, Joanna Newsom, Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks, John Frusciante, Gillian Welch, Julian Casablancas, Patti Smith, Peter Doherty, whichever Gallagher brother wanted to be there, Dolly Parton, Jackson Browne, Eminem…

Now ask every band member and we’d be having a right old party! Q - If you were to take one well known song and put your own country twist on it, which song would you choose?

I once saw a bluegrass version of 2pac’s ‘California Love’ that was pretty special. I’d love to do pretty much anything by Blink 182 as I think they’ve written some really fantastic pop songs that could work well in any style. Q - If you had the chance of performing anywhere in the world, Where would your dream venue be?

It may be obvious, but the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury. Q - What excites you about the British country scene?

The fact that there’s an audience out there that loves what we do and is helping spread the word. It means so much because we are just trying to be ourselves.

Q - The British country music scene is growing fast. Each artist having their own take on what country music is to them. How do feel that our music stands up against the music coming out of America at the moment?

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if what you make is sincere and comes from a ‘real’ place, which is subjective in itself, then there’s an audience out there for you. It’s not about copying, it’s about conveying who YOU are. So with that in mind, I don’t think of British music standing up against music coming out of America, I think it’s about good music getting heard, and if that happens to be influenced by good music that originates from the States, but has found its own identity in the soul of whoever happens to be channeling it, then that music will inevitably stand up in its own right.

Q - Where do you see British country music in 5 years time?

I think we’re at a very exciting time for music. So much is getting out there, so much is available. I think audiences and listeners alike are becoming more and more open to all sorts of different genres. How many different music styles feature on your personal playlist? I think like everything right now, it’s going to continue to grow. Q - Do you think you will be more accepted in 5 years, when you say you are a British country music artist?

Many country music fans are accepting us for who we are right now, and that means a lot. I hope that continues to grow and in 5 years time genre snobbery is increasingly obsolete. Q - Where can we find you on social media?

Facebook: morganwayuk

Twitter: @MorganwayUK

Instagram: @morganwayband

YouTube: morganwayuk

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