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Review: 'While We're Young' by Elliott Joseph

Elliott Joseph is a wonderful singer-songwriter from the south coast of England. From years of backpacking across America, and writing in London and Nashville, Elliott has honed and brought to life, his own celtic roots in authentically written Folk Rock with a country twist. It is fair to say that very few people do what Elliott does and he is very good at it.

The idea that “wherever you go, becomes a part of you somehow” is at the forefront of Joseph’s lyricism and his purposefully crafted songs waste no time in speaking straight to the heart of the listener.

The new single 'While We're Young' showcases all of the above. I was lucky enough to hear him play this with his band at the beginning of the year when Danny supported him at a show in Guildford.

The song begins with a beautiful melodic sound with piano and acoustic guitar before Elliott's soft vocals are introduced. The first verse talks of taking the time to chase dreams and building a life together while reflecting on lessons lived and learned. The end of the verse builds up the instrumentation to a really powerful and effective chorus. Elliott's vocals are really punchy & I personally love the fiddle section. Whoever put together the instrumentation is a talent. It's so great.

I love the dynamic changes within the song. The second verse brings the overall sound down to allow the lyrical content to come to the fore before the song soars into the second chorus. This song is such an anthem. It brings a real sense of positivity, encouragement and optimism.

The middle 8 is the best part of the song. It is so catchy - trust me, you will be singing along to it for sure! Please listen to this song.

'While We're Young' is available from Friday 19th July.

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