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Review of 'Candle Light' By Carson City

This beautiful ballad is the debut single from country duo Carson City. It features Phoenix Morby and Jess T.

It starts with a strings section. Jess hums gently then the acoustic guitar comes in and is swiftly followed by a soulful vocal from Phoenix. Then Jess sings gently back to him with her haunting voice. 'Candle Light' could be described as a long distance phone call. He longs for her, and even though she loves him and misses him, she needs some space.

2/3rds of the way through there is a rather dramatic guitar solo and the sound of rainfall. As the guitar builds in intensity the sound of rainfall fades but then comes back louder and louder through the last verse before fading into the distance at the end of the song. Is that rain or tears of longing? They will need to write another song so that we can find out.

'Candle Light's' instrumentation, although simple and uncomplicated, accentuates the vocals in this rather lovely duet.

You will be able to download your copy on August 15th.

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