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Review of 'Beyond The Ranch' - SaltbushSix

'Live From Our House' (Saturday Night) sounds anthemic and is inviting everyone to the SaltbushSix party. A brilliant opening song to welcome everyone to listen to 'Beyond The Ranch'.

The current single 'You Don't Know Me Lonely' showcases the range in singer Darcy Crawford's voice to perfection. This song has a great hook and it just gets you wanting to sing along and move your body in time to it. It also has a fabulous guitar solo. Undoubtedly my favourite song on the album.

'That's Our Thang' has quite a funky beat. It immediately makes you feel like dancing. And that is what they want to do on a Saturday night. He loves to take his girl out and show her off because he knows the girls out on the town are all jealous of her.

'Some Dust Don't Settle Down' is quite a pretty song in its arrangement. The story tells of a free spirit and leading a bit of a nomadic existence. Not really settling anywhere or with anyone.

The next song on this new album by Keith Urban's old backing band 'The Ranch' is this beautiful ballad 'Come On In'. With it's intricate guitar picking and soulful vocal, it tells the story of finding the path you want to follow in your life.

'I Know A Little Somethin' 'Bout That' has quite a cheeky sounding guitar riff. This whole song seems to be a rather smooth chat up line and to be honest, who could resist.

'The Windshield' was the first single released on this album. I can hear immediately what drew them to make the decision that this should be the first release. A catchy tune, a great guitar solo and a fabulous vocal. It's about leaving the bad times behind you and moving forward to better, brighter days.

'Matches' is about new love and the passion that it ignites inside you. I like the dramatic piano riff and the playful guitar. It is one of those songs that sticks in your head and you find yourself singing bits of it randomly about the house.

The next song is a break up ballad called 'Lightning In A Bottle' and it has a really dramatic feel about it. It has a stand out musical arrangement and is quite different than the other tracks on this album. It has the most wonderful guitar solo that I personally would like to go on forever. It definitely leaves you wanting more.

'Swerve' is a song about reading between the lines. A fast drive in the country? I think not. Its all about passion and wild abandonment and in my eyes a perfect way to bring the album to its conclusion.

'Beyond The Ranch is undoubtedly country rock at its very best. Add it to your music library. You definitely won't regret it.

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