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'A.G.D. A Good Day' Album Review

'A.G.D. A Good Day' is an international country rock band with band members from both sides of the pond.

Opening song and title track 'A Good Day' immediately sets the mood for the whole album and it puts you in a really good mood and gets your toes tapping.

'Dance In The Wind' is the first time you really hear singer Kirk Cummings slightly husky vocal without any harmonies. It tells a story of love between two people wanting to demonstrate how important that love is to them. It's a real banger of a song.

'Dreaming' opens with a really nice sounding guitar. This song just makes me want to put the headphones on and turn the volume up and just drift into the music. I love the way the banjo and guitar take over then fade out at the end.

'Everyday' is a love ballad with rocky guitar riffs. He is telling her how he feels about her and it's the first song that I really noticed a constant banjo riff which is actually prevalent throughout the whole album.

'All Right' is a break up song. He wants her to tell him it's all right, knowing deep down that it isn't. Lots of lovely harmonies and another fantastic guitar solo in the middle.

'Let's Go' is a song that builds in intensity. It's about running off together and leaving the rest of the world behind. For the first time on this album I hear a fiddle in the arrangement.

'Ride The Storm' is about how sometimes life deals you a bad hand but you find the strength to get through those bad times. A lot of A.G.D. songs have a really rock steady banjo as a basis on which to build. It makes a really nice change to the guitar that we are more used to hearing.

When your relationship is a bit of a 'Rollercoaster' you might just want to get off it. Kirk very helpfully tells you this at the beginning of this song. Probably the most rocky of all the songs on the album. Its nice that this song features piano a little more prominently than in other songs and it has that all important rock guitar solo in the middle.

'Too Many Times' is all about leaving a relationship behind because he has been hurt too many times. It has a lovely banjo intro and a mouth organ solo which is just completely different than anything we are used to hearing.

A lovely combination of banjo and keys introduce 'Wish You Well' to the listeners' ears. It's about leaving a relationship and moving on to pastures new.

Songwriter guitarist Paul Jupe tells me that all songs and lyrics are written in Hampshire where he is based. He also says about this album...

“We wanted to make a record that everyone would like, the guys and the girls! A record that you can drive a car to, drink a beer to, songs that make you feel good and also make you feel emotion. I think we did this and it’s a truly great feeling”.

Having listened to it a good few times then I would have to agree with everything that Paul says.

I highly recommend 'A.G.D. A Good Day'. Country infused rock describes this album perfectly.

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